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How to inject Wegovy

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Choosing an injection sitePreparing the siteInjecting the medicationHow you might feel afterWhat happens if you miss a dose?Summary
Wegovy is a drug that helps with weight loss. It is available as a single-use injection pen. After preparing, inject it into an appropriate site and release the medication over 10 seconds.
Medically reviewed by Philip Ngo, PharmD
Written by Cathy Lovering
Updated on November 17, 2023

Semaglutide (Wegovy) is a medication that you take once a week to support weight management. You can help ensure you get the full dose of Wegovy with every injection by following the drug manufacturer’s instructions.  

To help the medication stay sterile, remove the cap of the Wegovy pen only when you’re ready to inject. It would be best if you keep it in the refrigerator until you are about to use it. You can also help prevent infection by sterilizing the injection site on your body with alcohol before you take the dose.

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How to choose an injection site

Person injecting Wegovy into their stomach.
Photography by Dani Ferrasanjose/Getty Images

You can inject Wegovy into any of the following body areas:

  • upper leg (front of the thighs)
  • lower stomach (2 inches or more away from your belly button)
  • upper arm

A healthcare professional can help you choose a site. You should avoid injecting the medication at the same spot each time. Instead, try rotating your injection sites. It is okay to inject Wegovy into the same body area as long as it is not in the same exact spot. This can stop the accumulation of fatty tissue.

Before you inject the medication, take a close look at the injection site and do not inject if the area is:

  • tender
  • bruised
  • discolored
  • hard
  • scarred or has stretch marks

If the area shows signs of any of the above, you should pick a different injection site.

How to prepare the injection

Each dose of Wegovy comes in a single-use injection pen. Ensure to keep the drug in the refrigerator until it is time to use it. However, it lasts 28 days outside of the refrigerator.

You can follow these steps to prepare the injection:

Check the pen and do not use it if:

  • it looks used, or damaged
  • the expiry date has passed
  • the medication you can see through the pen window does not appear clear or without color

If the pen looks okay to use, ready the supplies you will need to inject Wegovy. This includes:

  • an alcohol swab
  • Wegovy injection pen
  • a sharps disposal container

You might want to inject the medication near a sink so it’s easy for you to wash your hands before the procedure.

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How to inject the medication safely

It takes just a few minutes to prepare and take a Wegovy injection. Perform the following steps before injecting:

  1. take the injection pen out of the refrigerator
  2. allow the pen to warm up to room temperature
  3. wash your hands
  4. clean the injection site with an alcohol swab or soap and water
  5. remove the cap from the injection pen

To inject Wegovy, you need to:

  1. hold the pen in a way that you can see the window clearly
  2. press the pen against your skin
  3. listen for the first click sound
  4. watch the yellow bar move in the pen window
  5. listen for the second click
  6. continue to hold the pen against the skin until the yellow bar stops moving
  7. remove the pen from your skin
  8. dispose of the pen in a sharps container or appropriate disposal vessel

It takes about 10 seconds for the full dose of Wegovy to leave the pen. If you like, you can start counting down 10 seconds, starting with the first click sound.

When the pen has injected the full dose of Wegovy, the yellow bar stops moving. The bar will take up most of the window but not all. 

How you might feel after injecting Wegovy

You might have a bit of blood on your skin after taking a Wegovy injection. You can apply light pressure to the area with a dry cotton ball or piece of gauze to stop the bleeding.

The medication might also cause some gastrointestinal symptoms, which should be mild and go away. This may include:

If you have any of the following serious side effects, you should seek medical help immediately:

  • pain in the middle or upper left of the stomach
  • rash or itching
  • swelling of the face, legs, feet, or ankles
  • problems breathing or swallowing
  • decreased urination
  • dizziness or fainting
  • rapid heart rate
  • vision changes
  • shakiness
  • sweating
  • confusion
  • headache

What should you do if you miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of Wegovy, you should look at the time you have left until your next scheduled dose. If your next dose is 48 hours or more away, you should take your missed dose as soon as possible. However, if your next dose is less than 48 hours or more away, you should not take the missed dose.

You should then resume your doses on your regular schedule.

Discuss the dosing with a healthcare professional if you miss 2 doses in a row. Your doctor might recommend you take the same dose you were taking before the missed dose on the same schedule. Or they may suggest that you restart at a lower dose of Wegovy and proceed with an increasing dose schedule.


Wegovy, also known by its generic name Semaglutide, is an injection that you take once a week. You take a dose by using a single-dose injection pen.

Ensure that there is no pen damage, place it against a sterilized skin area, and release the medication over 10 seconds. Dispose of the injection pen in an appropriate sharps container.

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