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    How Optum Perks Prescription Coupons Work

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    Search our database to find the
    best discounts on thousands of
    prescription drugs.
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    Locate pharmacies nearby so you
    always get the best deal where it’s
    convenient for you.
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    Print, email or text your coupon card
    and present it to your pharmacist to
    receive your Rx discount.
    Rx Coupons accepted at these and other pharmacies

    Get your free Optum Perks Rx discount card!

    The Optum Perks™ (formerly searchRx) prescription drug savings program gives you discounts at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. Just show your card to the pharmacist each time you fill a prescription.

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    Here's what people are saying

    People everywhere are using Optum Perks
    discount cards to save on their prescriptions.

    I was paying $339 per month out of pocket. With this wonderful discount card I now only pay $155 per month. That is very substantial and I can’t thank your network enough!

    Linda A.
    Raleigh, NC
    I was faced with paying for one prescription for $115 until I handed the pharmacist this card. She came back and said I owed $10. That truly made my day.

    John S.
    Orlando, FL
    I was laid off my job and lost my health insurance. My employer was a nonprofit organization so I was unable to get unemployment insurance. Thank you, you are saving my life.

    Kim L.
    Lansing, MI

    Additional things to know

    Anyone can use Optum Perks. Since Optum Perks isn’t insurance there are no requirements. Just use your Rx card each time you fill a prescription.

    You can use Optum Perks to save on most prescription medications. Optum Perks has partnered with a leading pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx, to negotiate discounted prices on many of the medications you rely on to live a healthy life.

    No, your Optum Perks Rx discount card is free to you. We negotiate bulk pricing with pharmaceutical companies and pass the savings directly to you. You will never be charged for using Optum Perks or affiliated coupons.

    "With all these discounts and no fees, how does Optum Perks operate as a business?" Good question. The Optum Perks team negotiates discounted medication prices through bulk buying. Because our discount program isn't insurance, it's free. We collect a fee from the discount awarded from big pharmaceutical companies, but never from you.