Optum Perks and Medicare

If you use Medicare or Medicaid, Optum Perks may offer discounts on many of the prescription medications you use to live a healthy life. Optum Perks cannot be used in conjunction with Medicare/Medicaid, but could get you a lower price.

Optum Perks may also in some cases reduce your drug costs when you have Medicare coverage as the Optum Perks card price may be lower than your cost under your Medicare benefit including when you're in the donut hole.

Can I use Medicare or Medicaid with Optum Perks?

No, they cannot be used together. Optum Perks is a prescription discount program, not insurance. If you or your pharmacist have questions contact customer service at 1-866-407-8901.

Simply search for your drug.

Get your free Optum Perks drug coupon.

Give the coupon to the pharmacist.

Compare Optum Perks to your Medicare/Medicaid plan for the best price.

Where are Optum Perks coupons accepted?

Over 64,000 pharmacies, big and small.
Search our database for the biggest discounts on over thousands of FDA approved medications. Our scale gives us access to the best deals available, and we pass the savings on to you.

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • Walmart
  • Costco