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What we treat


Whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples (red, skin-colored, or pus-filled bumps) on the skin

Altitude sickness prevention

Treatment to prevent altitude sickness for those planning to travel to high altitudes (8,000ft/2,500m or higher)

Anti-aging skin treatment

Prescription and over-the-counter retinoid treatments for anti-aging (not for treatment of acne)

Asthma medication refill

Short term asthma medication refills

Athlete's foot

Burning rash with cracked skin, blisters, or crusts on the feet

Birth Control medication

Start a new birth control medication (implants and IUDs are not available)

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Is it the flu, covid or a cold?

Get answers for select urgent needs like the cold and flu, whenever fast treatment is needed.

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