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Discounts on your drugs, right in the palm of your hand.

Find the best discounts on prescription drugs anywhere you go. Download the free Optum Perks app for iOS and Android and start saving today!

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People everywhere are using Optum Perks discount cards to save on their prescriptions.

5 stars

“I have used Optum Perks on three prescriptions and that has saved me nearly $50 so far. I am so surprised with how easy this process is and how much money can be saved by simply driving to the pharmacy. I’ve never been a big coupon user but if it can save me $50 – count me in!”

Censie S.on June 20, 2020
5 stars

“I used Optum Perks to find a great price for my inhaler I had to refill. I searched my prescription name and found it for $6. The prescription for this medication normally costs me around $50, so I saved over $40 on this medication alone.”

Samantha R.on July 28, 2020
5 stars

“Each Divalproex Sodium (Depakote) pill cost a little over $1. With him taking 7 a day, that adds up very quickly. Thanks to Optum Perks Prescription coupons, we are saving a minimum of $40-$50 a month!”

Clair C.on July 28, 2020