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Skin and Skin Structure Infection

Skin and Skin Structure Infection

A laceration is a cut or tear in your body on your skin, muscle, or tissue. It can occur anywhere there is soft tissue. The doctor cleaned out your cut and then closed it with one of these ways: Special skin glue that holds the wound edges together Strips of special adhesive tape, called steri-strips Use a special type of thread called stitches to close some wounds. Some stitches need to be taken out after the wound heals. Others melt away or dissolve as the wound heals. Special metal staples A combination of these methods You may develop an infection even though your cut was cleaned. The skin around your cut may be red, raised, and hurt when you touch it. Pus may develop deep in the infection. The doctor may need to drain the pus.

3 popular Skin and Skin Structure Infection drugs

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