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Diffuse Posterior Uveitis

Diffuse Posterior Uveitis

What is chorioretinitis? — Chorioretinitis is an eye condition that can cause dark spots in your vision or vision loss. It involves the back of the eye. In chorioretinitis, structures in the back of the eye called the "choroid" and "retina" get inflamed (figure 1).
Chorioretinitis can be caused by different things. Often, it's caused by an infection.
What are the symptoms of chorioretinitis? — Chorioretinitis is usually painless. Common symptoms can include:
Seeing dark spots (called "floaters") in your vision
Vision loss
Poor vision at night
Not everyone with these symptoms has chorioretinitis. Different eye conditions can also cause these symptoms.
Will I need tests? — Maybe. Your doctor or nurse will ask about your symptoms and other medical problems. You will also have a detailed eye exam. This will probably be done by an eye specialist. During the exam, he or she will use a magnifying tool to look in the back of your eye.
Your doctor might also do tests to check for an infection that could be causing your chorioretinitis. These tests can include blood tests or a chest X-ray.
How is chorioretinitis treated? — Chorioretinitis is usually treated by an eye specialist.
Treatment depends, in part, on what's causing your chorioretinitis. If an infection or other medical condition is causing your chorioretinitis, your doctor will treat that infection or condition.
Other treatment depends on how mild or severe the inflammation is. If the inflammation is mild, your doctor might not treat it. But he or she will monitor your condition to make sure it doesn't get worse.
If the inflammation is more serious, your doctor will treat it. Treatment might involve getting a shot of a medicine called a steroid into your eye or around your eye. Steroids help with inflammation. These are not the same as the steroids some athletes take illegally.
If the steroid shot doesn't help enough, your doctor might prescribe steroid pills or other medicines.
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