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Congenital Ichthyosis

Congenital Ichthyosis

Your doctor may send you for genetic counseling if you: Are worried that your lifestyle, health history or health problem may be passed on to your children Are pregnant or want to have children after age 35 Have a baby who was born with a genetic problem or other health problem Had many miscarriages or infant deaths Have an ultrasound or blood test result that shows there might be something wrong with your baby You and your partner are close relatives During genetic counseling: You will learn about your family history and the health problems that run in your family The doctor may do an exam or blood tests. If you are pregnant, the doctor may take a sample of the fluid inside your womb if you are pregnant. This is an amniocentesis. You will find out what kind of health problems you and your partner can pass to your children, like: Birth defects Learning problems Too many or not enough chromosomes Cancer You will learn how the health problem can affect your child's life. The genetic counselor will help you decide what to do. The genetic counselor can help you plan for your baby. You will learn about lifestyle choices that may affect the risk of an illness being passed on to your baby. Your counselor may send you to a doctor who can help you with your test results. The genetic counselor will help you find experts or support groups.

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