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Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol abuse is the misuse or overuse of beer, wine, or mixed drinks. You keep drinking even if it causes you problems. You may drink until you get drunk. Over time, drinking too much alcohol can lead to your body needing the alcohol. This is called dependency. Alcohol dependence is also called alcoholism. This means your brain and body are physically addicted to alcohol. You have a strong need or cravings to drink alcohol. You cannot stop or limit your drinking once you start. You may have signs of withdrawal if you stop drinking. You need to drink more to get the same effect. Problems with alcohol happen when you drink too much, too fast, or too often. A drinking problem can change all parts of your life. Drinking too much alcohol can cause problems in your family, your home, and with your job or school. It can also cause problems with your financial, physical, and mental health. It can cause social and legal problems. You may injure or harm yourself or others if you are drunk. Alcoholism is a medical problem. Your doctor can diagnose it. You may have signs like you: Drink more or longer than you planned Want to cut down or stop and you are not able to Spend a lot of time drinking and feel sick after drinking Have trouble at home or with family, job, or school from drinking Still drink even with these problems Still drink even if you feel depressed, nervous, or have another medical problem Give up things you like to drink instead There are many treatment programs to help you quit. You may need counseling and medicines. You may be treated in a special recovery center, or you may go to a program while living at home. It may help you to join a support group. After you get out of treatment, you will need a good support plan to help keep you sober. Your focus will be on not drinking and working on how to live without alcohol. Women, older adults, people with mental health problems or other addictions are at a higher risk for very serious health problems because of their drinking. Talk with your doctor to learn about your risk.

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