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Benefits of spending time alone

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What are the benefits of spending time alone?

When you find time in your schedule to be alone and remove noise and distractions, you give yourself the chance to recharge both body and mind. It can help you organize your thoughts, and to reconnect with the ideas and ideals that are most important to you.

How to find alone time

In today’s world of packed schedules and endless distractions, finding even a minute to yourself might seem impossible. In fact, the busier you are, the more likely you are to benefit from alone time.


Take a close look at your schedule. Decide which tasks or meetings could be moved, combined or delegated. Find ways to give yourself time. You can test it out first to see what works for you.  You could keep your lunch hour for yourself, take a walk in the morning or before bed, or try meditation.

Cell phones and technology can make us feel like we’re never truly alone. Try shutting down your devices. No headphones, no scrolling through social media, no playlists. This simple act creates a sense of calm, allowing you to relax and focus internally.

Commit to taking time to yourself

It’s easy to feel pressure to be busy all the time. “I’m booked through July” and “I could never find the time” may be how you reply to invitations or requests. As a result, saving time for you could seem hard to do.


Be patient with yourself.  It might take time before you feel comfortable making time for you. Be firm with the people around you who are used to getting time with you when they are ready. Let them know you’re still there for them, but that you also need to take care of yourself.

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The rewards of solitude


When you take time free yourself from distraction, you start to think more clearly.  What’s important comes into focus and what’s not can be let go. This allows you to concentrate better and be more productive.


Spending time alone can prepare you for a time in the future when solitude might not be a choice. People who can tolerate time alone are less likely to suffer from depression and more likely to lead happy, stress-free lives.


The person with the best answer to a problem is often yourself. When you block outside distractions like people and technology, you connect with your own mind and unique way of thinking. You could get a creative spark. That creative spark can change or help many areas of your life, like relationships, health and work.


It can be difficult sometimes to separate your own outlook from that of your social group or your colleagues. Time away from those groups allows you to reflect on your own behavior and outlook. Give yourself time to think about different viewpoints. This can help build healthy and respectful relationships.