Omnitrope is a synthetic human growth hormone that is used to treat children with growth failure, or who suffer from Prader-Willi Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, or Idiopathic Short Stature. Omnitrope can also be used to treat adults who with growth hormone disorders. Omnitrope is available as an injection pen and in vials for injection just below the skin. Without insurance, a 5.8mg injection solution costs about $2,530. One cartridge for the Omnitrope 10mg pen costs about $1,192. One cartridge for the Omnitrope 5mg pen costs about $598. Omnitrope is a very expensive medication. You can save on Omnitrope by using a free Optum Perks discount card, or by comparing prices on the Optum Perks website. Choose a pharmacy near you and print your Omnitrope coupon to save on your prescription.

Omnitrope is used to treat children and some adults with growth failure, or who suffer from Prader-Willi Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, or Idiopathic Short Stature. Omnitrope is a synthetic growth hormone.

Omnitrope 5.8mg Injection

Omnitrope 5.8mg is a powder and a diluent that must be mixed before use. To mix the medication, use a syringe to withdraw all of the liquid from the vial. Inject the tip of the full syringe into the rubber top of the vial containing the powder. Aiming at the glass wall, push the plunger so that all of the liquid goes into the vial. Swirl the bottle to mix the powder and liquid, do not shake. Store the solution for up to three weeks in a refrigerator, about 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Omnitrope should be injected into a part of the body with fat below the skin. This will generally be the abdomen (except directly next to the belly button) and upper thigh. Inject the medication under the skin, being careful not to inject the medication into a blood vessel. A medical professional should teach you how to use the syringe before first use.

Omnitrope Pen 10mg and 5mg

Follow all packaging instructions for loading the cartridges and attaching the needle. A cartridge should be primed before use.

To set your dose, turn the dial until you see the correct number lined up with the arrow. There will be a click at each dose increment. Insert the pen needle as you were instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Firmly push the injection button and listen for the clicking sound. Hold the needle in the injection site at least five seconds after the last click. Replace the cap over the needle and store the pen in a refrigerator, about 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your doctor should teach you how to use Omnitrope before you begin regular doses. Ask your doctor and pharmacist for more detailed information. 

Tell your doctor about all of your allergies and about any other medication, vitamins, or supplements you or the patient are taking.

Tell your doctor about any family history of cancer, tumors, and diabetes.

Omnitrope should not be used by Prader-Willi Syndrome patients who are severely overweight or have breathing problems. Omnitrope should not be used by patients with diabetes. Omnitrope should not be used in children who have completed growth.

Side effects of Omnitrope may include pain in joints or muscles, irritation at injection site, carpal tunnel syndrome, unusual skin sensitivity, low levels of thyroid hormones, or fluid retention and swelling.

Call your doctor if you experience the following: tumor or cancerous growths, high blood sugar, hip or knee pain in children, headache, changes in vision, worsening curvature of the spine, increased ear infections in children with turner syndrome, pancreatitis, or slowed breathing.

This may not be a complete list of side effects and warnings. Contact your physician for more information. 

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