Bumetanide is a strong diuretic (fluid-reducing medicine) used to treat swelling caused by excess body water, connected to heart failure or kidney or liver disease. Bumetanide is the generic name for this drug - there is a brand name version available called Bumex. This drug must be used carefully as too much Bumetanide can cause you to lose too much water and thus electrolytes which can lead to serious health problems. Bumetanide is an expensive drug, costing around $60 for 90 tablets (0.5mg). If you would like to save money on your Bumetanide prescription, use one of Optum Perks’s coupons. Simply download and print one of our coupon cards to make huge savings.

Bumetanide is classified as a diuretic (fluid-reducing medicine). It can be used to treat swelling caused by excess body water, connected to heart failure or kidney or liver disease. 

Consult with your doctor for specific dosing instructions for this medication for the treatment of your condition.

Bumetanide is available in oral tablet, injectable solution, and compounding powder forms. It can be administered orally, intramuscularly or intravenously.


Oral: 0.5 to 2 mg once per day.

IV or IM: 0.5 to 1 mg once.

Continuous IV infusion: 1 mg/hour up to 12 mg/day.

This may not be a complete list of warnings. Consult with your doctor regarding possible risks associated with taking this medication, and refer to the warning label on your medication for more information.

Major Side Effects

If any of these side effects occur when taking Bumetanide you should check with your doctor immediately:

More common: abdominal pain, blurred vision, drowsiness, decreased urine, dizziness, confusion, dry mouth, irregular or fast heartbeat, flushed, dry skin, fruit-like breath odor, irritability, increased thirst, increased urination, increased hunger, headache, joint pain, stiffness, or swelling, loss of appetite, loss of mental alertness, lower back, side, or stomach pain, mood or mental changes, muscle pain or cramps, vomiting or nausea, numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips, shortness of breath, weak pulse, swelling of face, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs, difficulty breathing, unexplained weight loss, unusual tiredness or weakness, or sweating.

Rare: agitation, back pain, black, tarry stools, bleeding gums,blood in the urine or stools, chest pain, convulsions (seizures), deep or fast breathing with dizziness, hives, hallucinations, fever, increase in heart rate, increased blood pressure, numbness of face, feet, or hands, pinpoint red spots on the skin, breathing rapidly,neck stiffness, sunken eyes, trembling, jerking of hands, unusual bleeding or bruising or weight gain.

If any of the following symptoms of overdose occur while taking bumetanide, seek emergency help immediately:

Symptoms of overdose: difficulty breathing, pain in chest, groin, or legs, especially the calves, severe, sudden headache, slurred speech, sudden loss of coordination, sudden, severe weakness or numbness in the arm or leg, sudden, unexplained shortness of breath, unusual drowsiness, dullness, or feeling of sluggishness, or vision changes.

Minor Side Effects

Rare: diarrhea, difficulty moving, discomfort of the ear, feeling of movement of self or surroundings, inability to have or keep an erection, itching skin, loss in sexual ability, desire or performance, muscle or bone pain, muscle stiffness, tenderness of nipples, pain, swelling, or redness in joints, rash, spinning sensation, shorter than the usual time until ejaculation, trouble hearing, or upset stomach.

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