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Why you should buy prescription medication through the mail

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Imagine medication arriving at your door, when you need it, at an affordable price. We can make that happen.

Amy Marturana Winderl

By Amy Marturana Winderl

If you’re still driving to the pharmacy and waiting in line to fill prescriptions, the Optum Store wants to make your life a whole lot easier. Now you can order prescriptions through the Optum Store and we will bring your medications to you. There’s no need to drive anywhere, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to refill a prescription. 

On the Optum Store, we carry hundreds of medications, 90% of which are generics. In fact, the Optum Store's goal is to keep prices as low as possible. 

To that end, the Optum Store doesn’t take insurance or coupons. Instead, we work to lower prices directly with medication wholesalers. That helps us set industry-leading low prices.

Here’s how ordering prescriptions on the Optum Store works. 

1. Optum Store offers free prescription delivery in all 50 states 

Whether you live in New York or New Mexico, we’ll ship your medication for free. In fact, we ship free to anywhere in the country.

Medications sent via standard delivery will make their way to you in 5 days or less. And if you need something sooner, you can choose expedited shipping for a small fee ($7.99). In that case, your medications will be at your door in 2 days or less. 

2. It removes human error from the refill process 

It’s easy to forget to call in a refill. You just suddenly find yourself looking at the bottom of a pill bottle and wondering if the pharmacy is open. The Optum Store fixes this problem with a convenient auto-refill option. After you transfer a prescription to the Optum Store and turn this feature on, you’ll receive a refill automatically before you run out. 

And don’t worry: The system takes shipping time into account, so your medication will arrive before you actually need it. 

3. It maintains the best prices in the industry  

When you use the Optum Store, you’ll get access to low-priced prescription medications. For some medications, that’s as little as $3 per month — with free delivery. That means you’ll be saving both time and money.  

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4. It integrates with Care on the Optum Store 

You can take advantage of ordering prescriptions on the Optum Store in 4 ways: 

  1. Visit your usual doctor and transfer the prescription to the Optum Store. 
  2. Provide your current pharmacy details and we will work to transfer them to the Optum Store.
  3. Submit an online questionnaire to get access to prescriptions for birth control and erectile dysfunction medications.
  4. Work directly with a prescriber through Care on the Optum Store, our new telehealth service. With Care on the Optum Store, you can discuss a new condition, get a new prescription or renewal or get answers to other clinical questions. Learn more about the service here

If you use Care on the Optum Store, we will process your prescription seamlessly, so all you have to do is focus on getting better. 

If you choose to continue using traditional pharmacies, don’t forget that we can help you there too. You can print out our discount card and use it to unlock savings at the register. Just show it to the pharmacist at the pickup window.