Published May 25, 2016

If you have depression or are looking to kick a nicotine habit to the curb, Wellbutrin might be your ticket to higher well-being.

Wellbutrin, also known as bupropion is typically used as an antidepressant and is utilized in certain cases of major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder (SAD, truly a clever abbreviation.)

Bupropion under the moniker Zyban, has also been prescribed as a smoking deterrent and aid to quitting nicotine intake. As an antidepressant, bupropion works with neurotransmitters in the brain to address symptoms associated with depression, bipolar disorder and SAD.

Wellbutrin and generic forms of the medication are taken as oral tablets with one variant being an extended release version. and the U.S. National Library of Medicine lists potential side effects of this medication that include: changes in sense of taste, drowsiness, anxiety, headache and others. Patients should seek medical help if more serious side effects present themselves. These include: seizures, hallucinations, pain in the muscles or joints, and changes in heartbeat. Immediate help should be sought in case swelling of the face or throat and difficulty breathing as these can indicate an allergic reaction.

It is also noted that under any antidepressant that behavior and monitored by relatives or caregivers, in addition to regular visits to your doctor. Young people who begin taking antidepressants can develop suicidal thoughts. If this surfaces see your doctor immediately.

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If you are considering taking Wellbutrin or bupropion it is important that you let your doctor know about any health problems. This medicine is not recommended for those with epilepsy or a history with seizures and those with an eating disorder. It is also not recommended to take Wellbutrin if you have recently given up alcohol or have ceased sedatives or seizure medication.

According to, clinical studies indicated that one percent of patients experienced symptoms that urged discontinuation of the medication at 300 mg and 400 mg doses. Symptoms reported that prompted discontinuation included rashes, migraines and nausea.

Wellbutrin should not be taken in addition to Zyban, it also noted that alcohol mixed with bupropion can increase more unlikely side-effects.

With any sort of medication, it is important to speak with your doctor or mental health professional before taking any antidepressants, with detailed information on other medications, vitamins or other items that are regularly taken. When using this medication, it should be taken around the same time on a daily basis and in consideration with certain side effects. Those that experience nausea should take Wellbutrin with food and those that have trouble falling asleep should not take a dose before sleeping. A missed dose should be skipped and should not be tacked on to the next scheduled dose.

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