Prescription discount cards offer consumers a way to lower their medication prices. Cards from brands like Optum Perks are free and available to everyone – whether you have insurance or not. So how do they work and how much can you expect to save?

When you visit the Optum Perks site, enter your prescription in the search bar and Optum Perks will find the lowest price on prescription drugs near you. Prices can vary widely from one pharmacy to the next.

From the Optum Perks site, you can print, email or text your prescription discount card. Once you have it, simply visit the pharmacy of your choice, show them your card and pay the discounted amount.

How do prescription discount cards work with insurance?

There are a few ways you can use Rx discount cards when you also have insurance:

You can use your card for drugs that are not covered or are limited by your plan.

You can use your card for drugs that are covered by your insurance plan.

Sometimes the price of your medication with the Optum Perks discount can be lower than the price of your insurance copay. Bring both your insurance card and your Optum Perks card to your pharmacist to find the best deal.

Prescription savings programs do not impact your insurance. Any purchases through programs like Optum Perks will not count toward your deductible.

Do all pharmacies accept prescription discount cards and coupons?

Discount cards and coupons are accepted at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide.

What makes rx discounts possible?

Brands like Optum Perks negotiate discounted medication prices through bulk buying, with prices up to 80% off. They collect a fee from big pharmaceutical companies – never from you.

Optum Perks has partnered with a leading pharmacy benefit manager, OptumRx, to negotiate discounted prices on many of the medications you rely on to live a healthy life.

Still have more questions about how prescription discount cards and coupons work? Visit the Optum Perks FAQ page.