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Cardiac rehab: keeping yourself active and tackling later challenges

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Anyone whose had cardiac issues knows that it's never an easy road to get back to normal. If you're someone in your twenties who's recently experienced early heart issues, or caring for someone who has, you have a lot to learn about cardiac rehab and what the benefits are.

Most of this starts with one important aspect to any kind of rehab: you shouldn't do it alone.

Having a strong support system is vital to keeping yourself going toward a healthier life. Even more important, is finding ways to keep your rehab going since repetitiveness could lead to falling behind on your physical health.

Here's some ways to make cardiac rehab work better for you.

Finding Activities You Enjoy Doing

All cardiac health analysts point out the only way toward successful rehab is to do activities you truly want to do. Physical activity can fall under numerous categories, including doing a variety of things per week. This may include walking, swimming, or even dancing.

Exercising with others as a group is a good example of having a motivator to keep your rehab going without lulls. One reason this works so well is you can talk with one another and keep your mind occupied with fun while you exercise. Doing activities alone can only lead to lack of focus and perhaps boredom.

Remember to talk with your doctor about which activities are the safest for you, which all depends on how severe your condition is.

Having Family Support on Diet

While exercise is a vital part of cardiac rehab, so is regulating your diet. When you get your family involved with this, it only becomes easier. It doesn't help sitting at the dinner table and having your parents or other siblings eating high-fat foods when you can't. Unless you sit at separate tables (unlikely in most families), get your family members involved in eating healthy with you.

You can get started with this through the American Heart Association's "Heart-Check" certification program. Foods you buy in a grocery store with this logo let you know what you're eating is heart healthy.

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Addressing Emotional Issues

No matter your age, emotional issues can become a complex problem following a heart problem. Rehab helps you with this through exercise programs, and mental health processes.

The key is to learn relaxation tips to avoid future stress. With stress a potential direct cause of heart disease, you don't want life pressures further damaging your health.

Possibly, a mental health specialist should become a part of your rehab plan. It's only proof that how we feel connects to our physical health in the long run.

Properly Communicating With Your Doctor

A major frustration with your cardiac rehab is the sometimes inability to talk at length with your primary heart doctor. Make sure they listen to your concerns, especially if you start experiencing problems during your rehab nobody else addresses.

Maybe you need a change in medications, despite having concerns about what it could cost you.

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