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Suan Pineda

  • An adult woman out on a hike, considering what drugs to avoid with diverticulitis.

    Drugs to avoid with diverticulitis

    Diverticulitis occurs when sacs that form on the colon wall become inflamed. This can lead to nausea and abdominal pain. Some drugs can worsen diverticulitis symptoms, leading to complications. 
  • Two adults cooking a vegetable dish together in a kitchen.

    Foods to avoid when taking Trulicity

    Trulicity is a medication that helps regulate blood sugar levels. While taking it, it’s best to avoid certain foods and drinks, such as white bread, alcohol, and fatty foods.
  • Adult female in an outdoor setting slowing her nose into a tissue possibly wondering How long after Zyrtec can I take Benadryl

    How long after Zyrtec can I take Benadryl?

    Healthcare professionals usually don’t recommend mixing antihistamines without first discussing it with them. They can advise whether this is the best treatment option for you and, if not, recommend alternatives. 
  • Adult female sitting back on a couch looking tired after possible experiencing a Vyvanse Crash

    What to know about a Vyvanse crash

    A Vyvanse crash happens when the medication’s effects start to wear off, and people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may begin to feel symptoms returning.
  • Adult male sitting at a large wooden table with a mug in their left hand and looking at a laptop wondering is Viagra covered by insurance

    Does health insurance cover Viagra?

    Insurance coverage for Viagra may depend on whether a doctor prescribes it for erectile dysfunction (ED) or pulmonary hypertension. Some insurers may only cover the generic version, sildenafil.
  • A young adult filling in a form in a healthcare office, wondering if the NuvaRing can help with acne.

    Does the NuvaRing help with acne?

    NuvaRing is a vaginal contraceptive ring that releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. For some, the ring can help reduce acne. But research on the link is still limited. 
  • The rhodiola flowering plant to depict supplements that can reduce cortisol.

    7 supplements to reduce cortisol

    Cortisol is a hormone that your body releases during stressful events. Having high levels for long periods can lead to negative health effects. However, certain supplements can help lower levels.
  • Pregnant woman's bare belly while she looks at her phone; metformin during pregnancy

    Can you take metformin during pregnancy?

    Metformin helps lower blood sugar. Some research suggests it may be safe to use during pregnancy. Still, a doctor will likely recommend other medications and lifestyle changes before they prescribe metformin during pregnancy.